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“This is a serious bit of gear. The espresso shots are excellent and there’s loads of steam pressure for texturing milk.”

Scottie Callaghan
World Latte Art Champion 2006
Australian Barista Champion 2007 & 2010
World Barista Championships 2010, 3rd place

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The Little Guy is an award-winning premium espresso system for home use. The quality of the espresso shots and the milk texture equal or better any machine in the world, commercial machines included. The Little Guy has no moving parts, ensuring near zero servicing and perfect performance for the rest of your life.






Craig Hiron
Founder & Creator


Of All The Coffee Machines I have Ever Used – This is by Far the Best

Review by Chris Brown (coffee connoisseur)

Not only is TheLittleGuy the most stylish espresso coffee machine on the market it is also an engineering work of art and so is the coffee it makes.

If you only are satisfied with coffee that rates over 8/10 then you have found arguably the best coffee maker on the market.

Little Stovetop Coffee Maker is the Best Home Espresso Machine

The LittleGuy is a stovetop espresso maker that puts all other espresso machines on notice. Home coffee machines come in all shapes and sizes and cost and over the years I have tasted espresso coffee, cappuccino coffee, flat white coffee from the top 10 coffee machines in the world. Now, I have come home.

Another thing I love about TheLittleGuy is that it can be taken anywhere along with my fantastic little induction top. I can set up my home espresso machine at work and it becomes my office espresso coffee machine. I take it with us when we go camping and I often take it with me when visiting friends.

TheLittleGuy Makes the Coffee and it’s a Perfect Milk Frother Machine

I like strong coffee. Sometimes just a plain espresso and otherwise a strong flat white (no froth). My partner likes froth – no worries we both get what we want.

If you are a coffee lover and you also enjoy the process and art of making your own coffee  at home then you seriously must consider getting your self a LittleGuy. You just cant go wrong and you will have a machine that keeps you satisfied for life.